Your privacy / Cookies

You might have noticed that this site, even though hosted in the EU, does not have a cookie consent form or anything of the likes. Believe it or not, that's by design, the site just doesn't set any cookies for normal users. Only if you get a login from me, you might see a session cookie, but that's probably not going to happen.
So, basically, no cookie consent form because no cookies!

It's as simple as that. I firmly believe that the web should be more respectful of users privacy, and sites should do more to honor that basic right. But what about the sites needs, you say? Of course, individual sites have different needs, and this site might be an outlier, as it's audience is quite well defined, no need for additional profiling, really. Even so, sites should better handle their users privacy, and not just slap on any cookie that comes along.

Just cookies?

When I say cookies, I mean any technology that might in some way track and/or profile individuals on the internet. Local storage, browser fingerprinting, site icon mangling (or whatever it's called), pixels, ..., whatever the latest hype might be.
None of that!

But analytics?!?

This site uses offline log analysis (I use goaccess for this, go check out their live demo), which gives me everything "the big players" give, except for user profiling and automatic funneling across sites. Which, as mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of anyway, nor do I have a need for it.


I get to know which pages get visited, the hours of days they get visited the most, the operating systems and browsers being used, and some other things.

Without sacrificing your privacy in any way. (🤨 IF you're even a "you", that is 😉)

To cut a long story short: no cookies, no cookie consent, no privacy violations, and I still get my analytics.
All wins, and no loses, what's not to like?